We place great importance on ensuring that all Deka employees act ethically. Everyone – whether supervisory bodies, the Board of Management, managers or employees – is aware of their responsibility. If someone does not comply with our standards, we want to be informed immediately. We have established a special system that regulates how we deal with such information.

Safety for whistleblowers

Deka has its own whistleblowing system. It ensures that all employees and business partners can report confidentially if they become aware that someone is violating our standards. These violations include:
  • Indications of unlawful behaviour
  • Suspicion of a criminal offence
  • Suspicion of serious irregularities
  • Violations of money laundering legislation

In these cases, whistleblowers turn to our Ombudspersons from the law firm Buchert Jacob Partner.
In addition, complaints can also be filed under the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act. For the direct submission of a complaint under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
as well as for the process for the internal handling of complaints, please refer to the page of DekaBank's
complaints management page at
© Dr. Rainer Buchert of Dr. Buchert & Partner Attorneys at Law
Dr. Rainer Buchert of Dr. Buchert & Partner Attorneys at Law

Dr. Rainer Buchert and his law firm are the Ombudsman of the Deka Group

For many years, Dr. Rainer Buchert was director of criminal investigations at the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden (BKA) and police commissioner of Offenbach am Main. He is now the owner of the law firm Buchert Jacob Partner - and Ombudsman of Deka. For whistleblowers, he is also available outside normal business hours.
© Dr. Rainer Buchert of Buchert Jacob Partner
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Law firm Buchert Jacob Partner

Bleidenstr. 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 710 33 330 (office) 
or +49 6105 921355 (direct contact)
Fax +49 69 710 34 444

+49 6105 921355

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What the Ombudsman does

When a whistleblower contacts our Ombudsman regarding a suspected violation of the Code of Ethics, the Ombudsman brings his expertise and experience to bear and investigates the case. If the whistleblower agrees, the Ombudsman forwards the relevant information to DekaBank. The Ombudsman also only passes on the name of the whistleblower and other information about the whistleblower’s identity if the whistleblower agrees.

All whistleblowers can contact the Ombudsman anonymously - free of charge, of course. At the same time we ensure that the Ombudsman is not deliberately given false information: If a whistleblower’s report results in damages, he or she may under certain circumstances be held liable for it.

Like any attorney, the Ombudsman is bound to secrecy and also has the right to refuse to testify. This protects whistleblowers.

How Deka reacts to violations

Deka’s “Central Financial Crime Unit” investigates internally when it receives information from the Ombudsman. If a suspicion turns out to be justified, it seeks to have sanctions imposed. This may result in measures under labour or civil law, and in serious cases, criminal charges. In doing so, it works closely with the Legal and Human Resources departments.