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The Securities business division deals with actively managed securities funds, passively managed index funds, fund-linked asset management and special funds and mandates for institutional customers. Its products encompass all major asset classes.

The Asset Management Real Estate business division focuses on providing property investment products for private and institutional investors. This business division also covers the purchase and sale of properties and management of such assets.

The Asset Management Services business division is focused on providing banking services for asset management. The services range from managing custody accounts for customers to custodial services for investment funds. Especially by providing multi-channel solutions, the sales departments are additionally supported.

The Captial Markets business division provides the link between customers and markets in customer-oriented capital market business. It does this by developing and supplying products, providing infrastructure for capital market transactions and acting as a liquidity platform for the savings banks and institutional customers.

The Financing business division, while providing refinancing services to savings banks, also engages in highly focused financing activities (real estate, infrastructure, transport and export financing).