The Dekarium – 100 Years of Deka, 100 Years of Germany

The history of DekaBank is closely linked to the history of the German economy – especially the history of the Sparkassen. The Dekarium links these strands and places DekaBank’s history in its historical context. In this lively presentation of history, visitors travel into the past, which is also of fundamental importance for the present.

Bringing history to life

What were the origins of Deka/Deutsche Girozentrale? What are its roots? How did the bank become what it is today? What was and is its role in the German Savings Bank Finance Group? And what is the common thread that runs through its history to this day? The exhibition provides answers to these questions in an exciting journey through time.

The historical context

The Sparkassen were the first institutions to provide all sections of society with a secure savings system that was focused on pensions. They quickly became a success story:

Around 1800 there were only a few Sparkassen in Germany. 100 years later, at the end of the 19th century, there were Sparkassen throughout the entire German Empire as it existed at the time. The Sparkassen expanded their services and joined forces through associations and giro centres (Girozentralen).

In1909, people were able to use giro transactions in Saxony for the first time. Nine years later, the Deutsche Girozentrale was founded as a nationwide institution with the purpose of supporting the Sparkassen.

The Sparkassen were anchored in their communities. Together with their public ownership, this formed the basis for the success that the German Savings Bank Finance Group has enjoyed. In the 20th century, new areas such as insurance, building society savings and securities and investment fund savings were added.
Daniela Schmidt

The phrase “there is no future without a past” has lost none of its power. Part of our identity is the awareness of our eventful history.

The Dekarium today

The Dekarium is located in the former customer vault of the Frankfurt headquarters – the so-called Trianon. This historical backdrop is integrated into the concept of the exhibition.

The Dekarium brings the development of DGZ/Deka to life and allows visitors and employees to experience it as part of the history of the Sparkassen. The exhibition has five stations:

  • The history:
    From a good idea to a strong financial group: Milestones from more than 200 years of Sparkasse history and German history are interwoven and juxtaposed with the history of Deka.
  • The 270-degree cinema:
    100 years of German and Deka history in eight minutes: Moving images depict what has formed and shaped the bank throughout its 100-year history.
  • The interactive table:
    Some exhibits from the collection tell stories you can touch and experience – projected at 270 degrees.
  • The collection:
    Objects, pictures and documents from the Deka Historical Archive provide an insight into our history.
  • The gallery of contemporary witnesses:
    Four stations present excerpts from interviews on important topics in the bank’s history – such as mergers and changes in shareholders.

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The history of DekaBank: downloadable eBook

DekaBank is now the securities services provider of the Sparkasse banks and one of the largest financial services providers in Germany. Its journey from the central institution of the Deutsche Zentral-Giroverband and the investment company of the Sparkasse organisation to one of the leading asset management companies in Europe brings 100 years of financial and economic history to life. Immerse yourself in our history.

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