Funding Contacts

The Deka Group has a broad and stable client base of retail and institutional investors.

Unsecured bonds, promissory note loans, public-sector- and mortgage covered bonds, both in bearer and registered form, are used as debt funding instruments. In addition to individualised issues tailored to investor demand (private placements) and structured issues, large-volume private placements and benchmark and sub-benchmark issues are also placed. DekaBank has a variety of issuing programmes to ensure targeted and appropriate access to national and international money markets and capital markets. ECPs are issued for short-term debt funding using our EUR 15 billion “multi-issuer” programme.


Wolfgang Reminger

Head of Funding, Liquidity Management & FX

+49 69 7147 – 2994

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Andreas Bamberg

Funding, Liquidity Management & FX

+49 69 7147 – 2696

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Current Information

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