Sustainability in our banking operations

Deka’s environmental management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001. Our success in sustainable banking operations is assessed by the Board of Management itself every year.

Environmental guidelines for sustainable banking operations

The Deka Group introduced an environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 very early on, in 2009. This system enables us to implement the environmental guidelines adopted by the Board of Management, in which we commit ourselves to sustainable business practices in the economic, environmental and social sense. This system has been very successful and we are working continuously to improve it.

These are the four intertwined elements within our environmental management system:

  • Evaluation
    Every year, the Deka Group’s Board of Management assesses our environmental performance in a Management Review.
  • Review
    In addition to the external monitoring audits required by law, we also conduct regular internal audits of our banking operations. We also constantly check that all legal requirements are being complied with and coordinate recertification every three years.
  • Planning
    We established a comprehensive climate strategy for the Deka Group in 2016.
  • Implementation and measures
    In addition to regular energy audits in accordance with ISO 16247, we have implemented a wide range of measures to ensure the sustainability of our banking operations. Every year, we record the key environmental indicators and, together with Real Estate Management, examine where we can make savings. In addition, we continually update our environmental management manual and prepare internal environmental reports. We also keep an eye on the supply chain: We regularly adapt the Deka Group’s
    supplier declaration to new developments.