Our Code of Ethics

Deka is committed to ethical behaviour: Values like collegiality and sustainability are important to us. They mean so much to us that we have made them part of our Code of Ethics. All Deka employees are guided by these values and live by them.

All Deka employees, managers and members of the Board of Management are guided by our Code of Ethics. Other persons acting on behalf of the Deka Group also observe the Code of Ethics. There are nine values that we consider fundamental.
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Our employees act in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

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We contribute to ensuring public confidence in the stability of the financial system.
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In our work, we comply with internal guidelines, the Code of Ethics and legal stipulations.
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Responsibility and trust

We take responsibility for what we do and we maintain banking secrecy.
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We are open to constructive criticism and treat each other with respect and we are willing to change.
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We ensure compliance with applicable laws, legal norms and internal requirements.
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We conserve resources - for example, water, energy and working materials. We treat our employees with respect.
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We treat each other fairly and respectfully - regardless of hierarchy.
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We communicate politely, openly and clearly with our customers and employees.


We encourage our employees to report violations or suspected incidents to their superiors, the compliance department or our Ombudsman.

Implementation of the Code of Ethics

Compliance with the requirements of the Code is monitored in the same way for all employees of the Deka Group. The employee’s manager evaluates compliance with the Code as part of the annual target achievement meetings. Violations could lead to disciplinary measures, civil or criminal proceedings, and even termination of employment.

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    Values are vital at Deka.
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    Employees act in accordance with these values.
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    The Code of Ethics provides them with guidance.