Commitment to social issues and sports sponsorships

We are a part of society. And we are committed to it: Social projects and sports are close to our hearts. In all the areas we support, it is particularly important to us to enter into long-term, reliable partnerships that endure for many years.

“Die Arche” e.V.: Support for children and young people

Not all children in Germany are doing well. The Christian children’s and youth welfare organisation “Die Arche” e.V. makes an important contribution to child welfare and assists those who start out socially disadvantaged in life: The foundation has been fighting child poverty in Germany since 1995. Children living in poverty can get a free breakfast at the Arche, they are cared for after school or invited to a holiday camp.

The “Arche” celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. Dr Georg Stocker, Chairman of the Board of Management, was invited as a representative of Deka and all Arche supporters to take part in a press event with its founder, Bernd Siggelkow. During the federal press conference in Berlin concerning child poverty in Germany, the Arche founder declared 24 November to be a nationwide “Day of Action against Child Poverty and Exclusion”. The goal is to raise awareness of the children's needs and enable them to participate fully in society. More information is available here.
© Die Arche
Die Arche

The Freundeskreis der Arche Frankfurt am Main e.V. supports the Arche

Deka feels a special bond with the Children's Foundation. We have been supporting the Arche since 2008 as part of the "Banks help children" campaign. There are now four branches of the Arche in Frankfurt, which we support together with other partners:
  • In 2010, the first Arche opened its doors in Frankfurt.
  • In 2011 a Kinder-Arche was opened in the “Kleines Zentrum Nordweststadt”. It offers assistance with homework, meals and an activity programme.
  • Since 2013, the Arche Nordweststadt has offered extended school care.
  • The Jugend-Arche was added in 2017. Children from 12 to 17 years are looked after here. The opening of this location was largely made possible by Deka.

Frankfurt’s “Arche” locations provide care for around 400 children and young people every day. We bear the majority of the operating costs.

And some employees of the Deka Group volunteer to offer introductory courses in areas such as scuba diving or to help kids with their homework. And at Christmas, we help to ensure that poor children also find a present under the Christmas tree: Deka employees collect the children’s wishes from the Christmas wish tree and fulfil them.

When the Frankfurt Arche locations had to close temporarily in the spring of 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, new flexible options were quickly developed to support the families. WhatsApp groups were formed to maintain contact with the children and youth, YouTube videos provided suggestions on how to pass the time (e.g. dance videos) and “Arche” employees used video conferencing to help with homework. Families in need could also pick up food and hygiene items at the “Arche” locations in Frankfurt. The “Arche” locations are currently able to continue their work in compliance with the general rules.

An equal-opportunity partnership

The partnership is aimed at using loving care to strengthen children suffering from material and emotional poverty and improve their educational opportunities, thereby opening up their prospects for the future. Deka helps “Arche” provide comprehensive care for the children, teach them values and help with their personal development.
This support allows Deka to contribute to the fight against child poverty, educational inequality and the social exclusion that often accompanies it.
Daniel Kapffer, Member of the Board of Management

Arche employees give the children a stable social environment in which they are appreciated. I am proud that we are able to support them, both financially and with our expertise.

Deka employees get involved

Many of our employees also make a personal commitment. They can get involved in two special fundraising campaigns:

  • Many Deka employees volunteer their personal time and provide support for non-profit organisations, schools and sports clubs, for example. We want to encourage this commitment. As part of the “Deka – Engagiert vor Ort” campaign (Deka – making a local commitment), employees can apply for EUR 1,000 each year for “their” project. Deka provides support for 25 projects each year and will continue to do so in 2021.
  • In the “Restcent” campaign (Donate your pennies), employees donate the spare cents after the decimal point of their monthly salary. At the end of the year, we donate the total amount to a charitable organisation or foundation. The employees decide who receives the donation. The donations will go to "Hand-in-Hand für schwerst- und krebskranke Kinder e.V.", Altenstadt, in 2021.

Deutsche Krebshilfe/Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe e.V. (German Cancer Aid/German Children’s Cancer Aid)

The fight against cancer is as important to us as the fight against child poverty. In this fight, we have combined our social commitment with the game of golf: Since 2001 we have supported the charity tournament series for the benefit of the Deutsche Krebshilfe and Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe. And you need prizes if you are putting on tournaments: We provide the winning prizes for the entire series – approximately 130 tournaments.

2021, a total of 125 tournaments were played despite the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Around 7,000 golfers took part. In total, around 255,000 euros were raised. The entire donation proceeds directly benefit DKH. 
According to DKH, around half of the German population will develop cancer during the course of their lives. That means the entire population of Germany is directly or indirectly affected by this disease. The main objectives of the partnership are to increase public awareness of health risks and DKH.

Commitment to sports: Deka as Germany’s Olympic Partner

The German Savings Bank Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe) is the largest non-governmental sponsor of sports in Germany, providing around EUR 90 million per year. And, since 2008, we have also been “Olympic”:
Together with other institutions of the German Savings Bank Finance Group, we are an Olympic partner of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

We have also provided support to the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) since 2013, thereby also supporting the German Paralympic Team. We want to raise awareness of people with disabilities and create equal opportunity for them to participate in the sporting world. In addition to sports, we also want to help initiatives for social inclusion that promote equal opportunity in everyday life.
Our support is aimed at promoting athletes and drawing attention to the diversity of sports and the athletes involved. The German Olympic Team includes 400 athletes in 27 summer sports and 150 athletes in seven winter sports. They provide role models for society and contribute greatly to the promotion of values like passion, success, fair play, team play and respect.
In addition to being a partner to the elite athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, this means we also help promote popular and junior sports. The German Savings Bank Finance Group is therefore the first and only partner to provide support in all four areas at the same time.
The support for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) is provided jointly by the institutions of the German Savings Bank Finance Group, including Deka, allowing it to provide support for the extensive engagements of savings banks and regional associations in local and regional sports and position itself as the largest non-governmental supporter of popular and elite sports in the public sector. The German Savings Bank Finance Group and Deka also identify with sporting values and the Olympic spirit.