The environment and climate protection

From energy-saving PCs using green electricity to reusable cups: Deka’s sustainable banking operations help protect the environment.

Deka invests in sustainability and climate protection in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

Since 2009, DekaBank has had a certified environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental protection. Since that time, we have taken many steps to protect the environment and climate:

  • Lighting at Deka is provided by LED lamps.
  • In areas where there is little activity, we use motion detectors. This means that the light only comes on when we really need it.
  • We control the light automatically using daylight. After work, the lighting is switched off at three different times. If someone is still in the office, they simply switch it back on again. This ensures that lights are not left on overnight. This does not include
    electrical appliances.
  • We use 100 percent green electricity.
  • We use instantaneous water heaters to save energy in toilets and showers.
  • With water-saving fittings employees use less water when washing their hands.
  • We separate waste in the Deka offices.
  • We conduct regular “waste audits” at our disposal companies. In these audits, we check whether the companies sort the waste correctly and whether the waste is correctly separated in the offices.
  • A reusable cup deposit system has been introduced in the cafeteria and canteens.
  • We use 100 per cent recycled paper in the offices.
  • “Double-sided printing” is set as standard on our printers and copiers. This saves paper.
  • All Deka Group employees use energy-saving PCs.
  • Our vehicle fleet includes hybrid models – i.e. cars that also run on electric power. We are also gradually adding fully electric cars to our fleet.
  • We have a special system for our employees to lease bicycles.

A climate-neutral commute to work with Deka’s new bicycle leasing offer for employees

No more disposable cups in the Deka canteens

Even with small changes we can achieve great things: This can be seen by the switch from disposable to reusable cups in the Deka Group canteens at the Frankfurt site. The cups saved to date would reach a height of more than 40 kilometres if you stacked them up – more than 200 times as high as our skyscraper in Frankfurt.
  • 100
    percent green electricity
  • 450,000
    disposable cups saved per year
  • 6.000
    energy-saving computers