Sustainability in our products

At Deka, profitability is not the only thing that counts: We also take environmental and social criteria into account in our investments.

Sustainability in the Securities business division

Fundamental exclusion criteria are used in Deka's investment process:
  • Companies that produce controversial weapons such as anti-personnel mines or cluster munitions ("cluster bombs") and manufacturers of small arms are excluded.
  • No investments are made in companies significantly involved in the coal sector.
  • In addition, the Deka Group does not issue any products that directly track the price development of basic foodstuffs.
Deka excludes companies that manufacture anti-personnel mines or cluster munitions. Manufacturers of small arms are also a taboo. We do not issue products that directly reflect the price development of food.

Deka Investment offers the “Deka-Nachhaltigkeit” product range for private investors. These equity, bond or balanced fund portfolios meet the special criteria of sustainable investment. Examples include:
  • the Deka-UmweltInvest fund, which exclusively invests in companies in the areas of climate and environmental protection, water management and renewable energies, and
  • the Deka Portfolio Nachhaltigkeit Globale Aktien fund, which was launched in 2019.

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Since October 2019, DekaBank has also offered sustainable product solutions for retail clients in the form of structured products and certificates.

Sustainability in the business area of Real Estate Asset Management

"Sustainable together. With good reason."

Embedded in the Deka Group's sustainability strategy, Deka Immobilien has developed its own sustainability strategy based on the principle “Sustainable together. With good reason". As the Deka Group's real estate specialist, Deka Immobilien aim to be one of the leading providers of sustainable open-ended real estate funds. In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainable standards and take responsibility towards future generations seriously.

Our aim: Climate neutral by 2050

In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, Deka Immobilien aims to limit global warming to below 2°C compared with pre-industrial levels and to achieve climate neutrality for all business activities and the entire portfolio by 2050.

Our path to these environmental goals:

In order to achieve these goals, six concrete product-related goals were formulated in addition to overarching business goals. Some selected actions are:
  • Establishment and expansion of a sustainable product range
  • Reduction of the CO2 footprint of the properties of the investment funds
  • At the same time, the orientation towards corresponding decarbonisation paths of the EU
  • Expansion of green leases in the products
  • Increase in the certification rate of the fund properties
  • Exclusion of issuers in the fund that produce more than 10 percent coal or convert 30 percent coal into electricity

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Sustainability in the lending business

In its lending business, Deka always applies its financing principles, which are based on the Deka Group’s credit risk strategy.

Due to the ESG criteria in its lending business, Deka Group has excluded various types of financing as a matter of principle for some years now (see the negative list in the Sustainability Report). In addition, we have defined sustainable investment areas in which we intend to become more active (see the positive list in the Sustainability Report).

Real Estate Lending

In the area of commercial real estate financing, DekaBank concentrates on transparent markets worldwide, meaning liquid markets with a secure legal environment. Due to their size, transparency and liquidity, these markets are of central importance for the Real Estate business division.

When making investments, we look at more than just profitability: With every new business transaction, we also analyse environmental and social criteria for real estate loan financing and include them in the evaluation.

Special-purpose financing

DekaBank’s special-purpose financing comprises transport financing, infrastructure and export financing and also Sparkasse and public financing. Ships we finance must also fly a flag listed by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control and comply with IMO 2020 requirements. Ships we finance must also fly a flag listed by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control and comply with IMO 2020 requirements.

The infrastructure and export credit portfolio includes financing renewable energy generation and its infrastructure, including wind farms, solar parks and hydropower plants. A further focus is on municipal utilities and suppliers implementing modern and sustainable infrastructure investments, particularly as part of the energy transition.

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