Sustainability in Deka’s business model

We believe in sustainability: This issue has been central to our corporate strategy since 2015. This includes the fact that we have integrated climate targets into our business model.

Climate protection is a major topic in the social debate in Germany. The objective is to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius in the coming decades. Sustainability and climate protection are particularly important to young people. Politicians are increasingly implementing legal regulations for climate protection and for the promotion of a more sustainable financial sector.

Deka Group is taking this into account: Sustainability is an important issue for us. We have been engaged in sustainable corporate management since 2013. Since 2015, the Deka Group has no longer documented the issue of sustainability in a separate sustainability strategy, but has anchored it directly in its business strategy. This demonstrates that sustainability has become a central component of our business model.
The five areas of activity in sustainability management at Deka are:

  • Sustainable corporate governance
  • Sustainable products
  • Sustainable human resource management
  • Sustainable banking
  • Corporate social responsibility

What we have already achieved:

  • 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from banking operations over the last five years
  • Definition of exclusion criteria in DekaBank’s own investments (portfolio A)
  • Introduction of a positive and negative list in DekaBank’s lending business
  • Expansion of the Deka sustainability fund family to include further funds, ETFs and certificates
  • Continuous increase in the building certificate ratio in the real estate fund sector and cooperation with MeteoViva Climate
  • Coal exclusion criterion for our mutual funds and certificates

Outlook: Sustainability in Deka’s future

Deka Group has set itself the following goals for the coming years:

  • Calculation of the carbon footprint for the asset side and establishing the Paris compatibility of DekaBank
  • Analysis of the relevance of climate scenarios for the Deka Group’s macroeconomic stress tests as part of the annual scenario review
  • Establishment of a CO2 exclusion criterion as a further, general exclusion criterion for Deka’s investment management companies
  • Expansion of the sustainable product range for retail and institutional customers

Sustainability is a key topic in the Board of Management

DekaBank’s Sustainability Management Department is part of the Board of Management’s Staff & Communications division, and is close to the Chairman of the Board of Management, both organisationally and in terms of location.

On behalf of the Board of Management, it coordinates all relevant activities in the Deka Group. The department is the contact for all organisational units of Deka and also for external interest groups, such as companies and institutions in the German Savings Bank Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe), sustainability rating agencies and non-governmental organisations.