The Disclosure Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 provides for sustainability-related information requirements for financial market participants and financial advisors.

We welcome this new regulation by the legislator. It creates transparency across sectors in the handling of sustainability risks, adverse sustainability impacts and sustainable products.

Please find more information on this below. Further information on business ethics, environmental and social criteria at Deka can be found here on the Deka Group’s website. 

Strategies for dealing with sustainability risks

Deka Immobilien can look back on many years of expertise in the use of holistic risk management systems. We assess and manage risks at business activity and product level.

Here you can find out how Deka Immobilien integrates sustainability risks into its investment decisions (Art. 3 Discl. Reg).

Principal adverse impacts (PAI)

Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts (Art. 4 Discl. Reg).

Deka Immobilien considers the principal adverse impacts (PAIs) of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. PAIs of investment decisions on sustainability factors are defined as the negative impacts associated with investments in companies, sovereigns, supranational organisations and real estate on the environment and society. 

Details on the strategies and methods with regard to PAI consideration, including a summary of engagement policies and information on adherence to responsible business conduct codes and internationally recognised standards for due diligence and reporting, as well as a description of the principal adverse impacts for the current reporting period, are available in the “Declaration on the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors”. You can find the declaration here

Remuneration policy

Our remuneration policy and our position in this context in relation to sustainability and associated risks is regulated uniformly for the entire Deka Group.

Please find more detailed information here (Art. 5 Discl. Reg.)

Private investors

DekaBank has been offering sustainable product solutions for private investors in structured products and certificates since October 2019. Information in German on our open-ended real estate funds and the pre-contractual information can be found on the "Private Clients" website in the Real Estate Fund Products section and here under the "Fund Profile" link.