A sustainable refurbishment for more user comfort

The Silvers is the first existing building in Düsseldorf to receive a LEED Platinum certification. In the course of a comprehensive refurbishment, great importance was attached to energy and water efficiency, while at the same time focusing on user well-being. The result is a building offering numerous communication areas and a high quality of stay, proving to be very popular with the tenants at the Media Harbour location.


"With the successful refurbishment of the Silvers, we have successfully created a fine example of how existing properties can be repositioned in a resource-efficient manner including a high level of user comfort. The LEED Platinum certification highlights this success." 

Horst R. Muth, Head of Project & Development Management

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Raising the potential of existing buildings and resource-efficient implementation

The Silvers is a building in Düsseldorf's Media Harbour dating from the 1990s that was once built for Siemens AG as an administration and production site. At the time, the Media Harbour was rather insignificant in Düsseldorf's cityscape. After the individual tenant moved out, the owner of the building faced the challenge of developing a suitable and sustainable way of dealing with the property. In the meantime, the Media Harbour had become one of the most attractive submarkets in Düsseldorf. Its dynamic development, combined with modern requirements for administrative buildings with the highest possible space flexibility were taken as basic requirements.

Green top mark for Silvers: LEED platinum certification

The redevelopment concept included a reorganisation of the entrances and the outdoor areas, resulting in a more attractive embedding of the building in the urban context. The spaces inside the building were redesigned to allow for up to 24 individual rental areas. For the highest possible user comfort, combined with a minimal consumption of resources, the old building services equipment was replaced with a contemporary energy-efficient one. The interior materials were carefully selected based on their pollutant content, creating a healthy indoor air quality for the future users. About 95% of the construction waste was recycled and approximately 30% of the materials used were sourced from regional suppliers.

In order to be able to maintain and ensure these qualities throughout the entire planning and construction process, Deka Immobilien opted to be accompanied by the US green building certification LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). After completion of the refurbishment, the building was awarded the highest Platinum certification level in 2017.

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Focus on the users

An key factor for a successful refurbishment is the adaptation of user comfort to current and expected future needs.

Deka Immobilien implemented the following measures for future-proof office operations in the "Silvers":

Health & well-being:

🗸 Use of pollutant-free materials.

🗸 Green building environment.

🗸 Secured bicycle parking, e-charging stations and shower facilities.

Resource efficiency

🗸 Energy-efficient building services, including energy recovery in the lifts.

🗸 Innovative and energy-efficient lighting system.

🗸 Use of grey water for WC flushing and drinking water reduction of approx. 20%.

The outstanding implementation of this refurbishment project shows how Deka Immobilien has successfully repositioned an old building in the dynamic environment of Düsseldorf's Media Harbour, in a sustainable and future-oriented manner. The conscious decision against demolition and in favour of refurbishment demonstrates a responsible approach to existing building fabric as a resource.

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Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Revitalisation of an existing building and reorientation to the urban context
of the Media Harbour, which has changed considerably since 1990.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 07.png

7 Affordable and Clean energy

Refurbishment concept with high energy efficiency of the newly installed
building services, greatly reducing the consumption of resources and
the associated emissions during operation.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 03.png

3 Good Health and Well-being

Use of pollutant-free and very low-pollutant materials in interior construction.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 06.png

6 Clean Water and Sanitation

Use of water-saving fittings and rainwater for toilet flushing.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 12.png

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

The fundamental decision favouring refurbishment against new construction
addresses this SDG. In the implementation, the high recycling rate of
construction waste and the large proportion of regional materials
are particularly important.

Further insights into practice