Digitalisation for more resource efficiency

From efficient light sources to regenerative energy to self-learning systems. There is no one big button you can press to be CO2 neutral. Making properties more climate-friendly requires working on many points. Deka Immobilien is tackling the issue of climate protection together with its partners. One example of focusing on many details for more sustainability is our retail park in Göttingen. A LoRaWAN was set up in the Kauf Park retail park to read all meters and sensors digitally. In addition, a central monitoring and operating concept is being set up together with a start-up with the help of artificial intelligence. This should make the centre’s operation control increasingly resource-efficient.

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“Sustainability means working on many details. In Göttingen, together with local partners and smart technology, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the energy and CO2 footprint.”

Stefan Leyrer, Head of Real Estate Management Retail at Deka Immobilien

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The cheapest and most climate-friendly kilowatt-hour is the one you don't consume. Kauf Park uses a modern lighting concept with LED technology and motion detectors, and the green electricity it purchases is generated 100% by hydroelectric power.


- Stefan Leyrer, Leiter Immobilienmanagement Retail bei Deka Immobilien

„Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet, an vielen Details zu arbeiten. In Göttingen ist es uns gelungen, gemeinsam mit lokalen Partnern und smarter Technik den Energie- und CO2-Fußabdruckes deutlich zu reduzieren.“ 

Intelligent energy efficiency

With over 60 shops on a sales area of around 45,000 m², Kauf Park in Göttingen has been part of the Deka Immobilien portfolio since 8 February 2019. Together with the centre management Völkel and Stadtwerke Göttingen, a dedicated LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) was set up for the shopping centre and all meters and sensors were equipped with an interface. LoRaWAN is an energy-saving (low power) network that collects data over long distances (wide area) using smart radio devices and thus enables convenient evaluation.

For this purpose, the centre's approximately 160,000 square metres of land area was equipped with various electronic sensors in a complex process, which generates data via two gateways installed on the premises.

Currently, all 150 consumption meters for electricity, heat, gas and water are radio transmitted to a dashboard. Measured values on energy consumption, for example, can be controlled and monitored cost-effectively and thus resources optimised. In addition, emergency sensors have been integrated to detect faults in the supply network and deviations from the standard values for CO2, humidity, temperature, room volume levels and underground garages at an early stage.

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Kauf Park Göttingen: Digitalisation for more resource efficiency

Monitoring and operation with artificial intelligence

Next, the start-up Karma was integrated for monitoring. Karma stands out as it is the first to present a clear overall status for the three elements that make up the basics of modern shopping centre operation: well-being, safety and performance.

Karma, that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), has set up a data monitoring system and stored algorithms for threshold values. This self-learning system analyses data centrally in order to simultaneously improve the comfort in the centre as well as the energy consumption.

A win-win situation for the climate, our customers and our rental partners.

The system is now in the self-learning process and will evaluate all values over the next few months to determine key figures from them. After the learning phase, significant deviations will be reported to the building operator by e-mail, SMS or emergency message. For example, the AI can immediately recognise and report a burst pipe in a water pipe at night due to sudden consumption.

Of course, the operators' input is required as well, as all consumptions are also displayed graphically via a state-of-the-art Karma dashboard. They can be evaluated quickly and easily and lead to contemporary and sustainable property management.

Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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7 Affordable and Clean energy

The use of LoRaWAN technology at the site enables all performance data to be
automatically recorded and transferred into a system for a steady improvement
of building operation.

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