Tenant fit-out

Letting “goes smart” – A faster way into the new office

Companies increasingly see themselves as responsible for the satisfaction of their employees with their workplace, as this is the key to greater commitment and productivity. The search for a suitable office space does not necessarily have to involve many on-site visits and time-consuming layout planning. Meeting rooms, kitchens or common rooms, single offices or open space offices - whatever the requirements for the new office space, the new modular rental space configurator offers tenants real time layout planning and costing.

“With the rental space configurator, we are actively simplifying and shortening the leasing process while offering our tenants maximum transparency in rental costs in real time.”

Peter Stahl, Project Management Real Estate at Deka Immobilien

The fast way to the desired space

A lot has happened in office space marketing in recent years: from 3D renderings in the exterior and interior visualisation of buildings, to 360-degree tours to virtual tours. Virtual reality gives a feel for the future working environment. Digital technology helps prospective tenants to recognise whether a property is on the shortlist at an early stage. However, in the course of viewing potential rental premises, prospective tenants lack a precise idea of the possibilities and rental prices. This is where the digital rental space configurator developed by Deka Immobilien in cooperation with Drees & Sommer comes in. It enables module-based configuration of space, three-dimensional virtual visualisation and direct real-time cost calculation for tenant fit-out.

Letting "goes smart" – A faster way into the new office with the digital rental space configurator developed by Deka Immobilien in cooperation with Drees & Sommer. By the way: The 3D configurator is one of the top innovations in the real estate industry and was included in the ZIA Innovation Radar 2022.

Full cost transparency at all times

The rental space configurator enables digital planning of a rental space based on predefined modules that can be implemented in the building. Once the desired office concept (single office, combi office or open space) is clear, an initial proposal for the rental space is made. Walls can then be moved, tea kitchens added or conference areas integrated in real time. The price of the changes is calculated simultaneously. Once all the requirements have been met to the satisfaction of the prospective tenant, they can go on a virtual inspection of their space.

The use of the rental space configurator has many advantages for the letting process and for prospective tenants:

  • Quick and easy pre-configuration for the space.
  • Fewer parties involved in the rental process.
  • Important time savings.
  • Cost certainty by linking planning with module costs in real time.

Special requests for extensions and conversions

From a sustainability perspective, pre-configuration allows the selection of criteria. For example, modules with low pollutant content or with a low ecological footprint can be created and made available for the prospective tenant to choose from. In addition, the envisaged modular construction allows for simplified and faster dismantling. The modules can either be dismantled and properly returned to the material cycle or even reused elsewhere in the building.

Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 11.png

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

The time saved in letting contributes to this goal.
Space is vacant for a shorter period of time and thus buildings
and city districts remain in active use.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 03.png

3 Good Health and Well-being

The use of pollutant-free and low-pollutant materials is greatly
facilitated by preconfigured modules.

Deka Immobilien SDG Goal 12.png

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Modular construction increases control over the quality and
origin of materials used in construction.

Further insights into practice