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The retail sector is extremely complex and subject to rapid change. Key to the success of both inner-city retail and retail space in large shopping centres is professional, forward-looking and agile management. We can deliver.

Our team of highly qualified retail property specialists has a very keen eye for location- and user-specific requirements, observes trends, and has a high level of professional and leasing expertise. We derive value appreciation potential for the respective properties from market developments and the demand for space.

Together with our renowned centre managers, we consistently satisfy high quality standards for our more than 2,300 tenants, thereby also ensuring the long-term attractiveness of our retail locations.

Stroll around, enjoy, spend some time at the Akropolis

The recipe for success is "Never be boring": Successful shopping centres are more than just a place to shop: The strengths of shopping centres that succeed over the long term include their ability to evolve into places where people want to spend time and relax. In doing so, the centres remain attractive for both customers and tenants – while at the same time retaining their value for the investors.

Catering and entertainment are increasingly becoming particularly important. This factor was taken into account when redeveloping the Akropolis shopping centre built in April 2007 in the centre of Kaunas in Lithuania.

After just 15 months spent redeveloping while business continued, the restaurant and entertainment area – which formerly measured around 10,000 square metres – was reopened in August 2019, featuring a completely revised, new and contemporary design and 26 new tenants. The unique marketplace measuring 1,200 square metres forms the centre of the new mall design and will be used in future to showcase various shows and events, thus becoming a new point of interest in the centre. The children's area "Kakė Makė" is bound to be included in any family shopping outing.  Kakė Makė is one of the most popular characters in children's books in Lithuania. Culinary diversity is assured by 13 new and trendy restaurants and coffee shops.


"By expanding the centre, not least, to include contemporary catering and entertainment options, we have laid the foundations for the continued success of the Akropolis."


Sightseeing and shopping in historical ambience.

The refurbished Residenzschloss in Braunschweig, which was built in 1841, has been home to "Schloss-Arkaden" since 2007. Visitors access the shopping centre through the imposing main gate of the refurbished castle;
The castle and the 30,000 square metre shopping centre have turned out to be a magnificent success story for both the town and its inner-city retail trade.
The redevelopment of Schloss-Arkaden between 2017 and 2018 included the management of over 100 lease agreements in total, some of which were extended, some were new. New brands – such as Thomas Sabo, CK underwear, Adidas, Rituals, Levi's, AppelrathCüpper, Only, Nespresso, Superdry or Søstrene Grene – were persuaded to open trendy, new shops. The appeal of the centre was sustainably enhanced by a portfolio of offers and services that is tailored exactly to the needs of shoppers in the catchment area.
On average, some 39,000 people visit Schloss-Arkaden every day. The town's cultural facilities that are accommodated in the castle are also proving to be very popular. The building is home, for example, to the town library, the town archives and the castle museum.


"The revival of Schloss-Arkaden demonstrates the lastingly successful partnership between a town and a centre manager."

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The Internet of Things to operate our shopping centres

Especially in the area of shopping centres with large numbers of tenants and a complex system and meter technology, enhanced digitalisation can ensure more sustainability. The evaluation of digital information can support the centre’s targeted operation. Higher levels of user comfort can be achieved while simultaneously reducing the energy consumption to the necessary minimum. Together with ECE and TÜV Süd, Deka Immobilien wants to contribute to making shopping centres "smarter".

Innovative solutions are needed to combine improved building performance with environmental and users’ benefits. Together with the start-ups winning the “Smart Buildings Challenge”, Deka Immobilien is testing innovative ideas in practice.

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