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With a portfolio of around 250 office buildings on five continents, we are one of the largest office investment managers in the world. Our key strengths include our good market penetration with in-depth knowledge of location- and user-specific requirements, and the delegation of clear regional responsibilities in our teams. They allow us to continuously modify our properties to meet market requirements, and to steadily expand our portfolio.
We offer our tenants modern, contemporary offices that provide top workplace quality. Every building is unique and requires a high degree of professional and market knowledge. Our tenants are as diverse as our office buildings, and include international market leaders and commercial law firms as well as medium-sized companies, agencies and IT service providers. We understand the different requirements in each market and have set up our office expertise accordingly by region. Assigned contacts with proven expertise in the regional teams take care of all requirements and tenant needs.

Le Centorial – a building that is unique to Paris

Is it possible to redesign a historical building that is more than 140 years old so that it meets modern requirements and creates a sustainable presence in the market as a landmark building that generates good income?

Yes it is, as proven by Le Centorial, a historical building with a majestic façade in the CBD in Paris, 16-18, rue du Quatre Septembre, which Deka Immobilien acquired in 2000. Le Centorial was built in 1878 as the headquarters of Crédit Lyonnais and is nowadays home to numerous well-known international companies.

For more than a century, the building was a landmark in the Paris business district until it was almost completely destroyed by a huge fire in 1996. The façade was dismantled – stone by stone in some places – and restored to closely resemble its original appearance using the same materials. A seven-storey office building with three basement levels and a large atrium were built behind the listed façade. The entrance area is crowned by a cast iron dome designed by Gustave Eiffel. A new conference room area with auditorium was recently added to Le Centorial.


"Le Centorial" is located in the centre of town. Its history and unique architectural style doubtless rank it among the best-known buildings with headquarters potential."


Tower 185 - Rising high

200 metres and 50 floors high, 10 computer-controlled elevators governing access to the towers and 13 in the base, as well as an impressive entrance lobby with a height of approx. 20 metres. Since it was completed in 2012, TOWER 185 has been dominating the skyline in the financial centre of Frankfurt. It ranks among Germany's tallest office skyscrapers.

The environmental performance of the office complex satisfies the most stringent requirements. Designed to meet strict sustainability criteria, Tower 185 was one of the first new skyscrapers built in Europe to be awarded LEED Gold sustainability certification. The building measures more than 100,000 square metres and is home to more than 25 companies and institutions. Business cards featuring Tower 185 as their address include auditors PWC, lawyers Mayer Brown as well as Hyundai Capital Bank Europe and CA Immo.


"Tower 185 offers modern and central space for high-calibre tenants."