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Logistics properties

We have a high-quality international portfolio of properties well suited for third-party use in outstanding locations and are one of the most experienced real estate managers in this segment. We invest all over Europe but focus on Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic. We are also steadily expanding our US portfolio.

Continuous change is a fundamental characteristic of the logistics sector and requires constant reorientation. As an initiator and partner right from the start for the Logix Award, Deka Immobilien is a strong supporter of the “Logix Logistics Property Initiative”, among other things. Our wealth of expertise is underscored by the variety of fund concepts we offer that invest exclusively in logistics properties.

Sustainable transportation  

Anyone running a logistics company that has been in the family for five generations – such as Fiege – understands the importance of early trend recognition and rapid action. While the first generation faced the challenge of shifting from horse-drawn carriages to trucks, today's requirements include sustainability and energy-saving measures, such as installing state-of-the-art LED lighting and photovoltaic installations, which we implemented together with our tenant Fiege at locations in Bremen and Neuss.


We actively manage properties far beyond the borders of Germany and provide manifold support. They include, for example, the "Amazon Fulfillment Center" to the north of New York City or the "Smart Construction" building in Venlo/Netherlands.

The "Fulfillment Center", which Amazon has been leasing since 2015, is located in Hartford Windsor, Connecticut, and was converted in 2017 into a modern, sustainable building offering some 46,000 square metres of warehousing space together with 44,500 square metres of mezzanine above. Energy is produced by the newly installed photovoltaic plant and used to fully support the complex robotics-driven and automated order fulfilment process in the building. Some of the energy is also fed into the power grid.

The high-quality "Smart Construction" building in Venlo measures around 64,000 square metres including mezzanine areas. The four building sections can be used for ADR (hazardous goods) or standard storage. All building sections are designed for multifunctional use. Compliance with the ensuing strict and complex security, fire protection and material utilisation requirements is assured in the building. The unparalleled architectural design ensures that any conceivable robotics or warehouse automation technology can be used. The location of the property is first rate. With its direct link to the motorway, close proximity to the barge terminal for shipping and to two railway terminals for direct transit to Germany, it fully satisfies the requirements of our tenant. Since 2018, the building has been let to Broekman Logistics. The full-service logistics company offers global logistics services solutions through its international branch offices around the globe.

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"There is no getting past logistics properties. The strong growth potential offered by the industry is a key contributor to our portfolios."