Digital office worlds 

Deka Local Services app for tenants

As a leading real estate asset manager, it is important to us to make our properties as attractive as possible for our tenants. Along with a community ethos, this primarily includes services as well as share economy and mobility offerings. With this in mind, we have created the Deka Local Services app – a digital solution that makes living and office working more comfortable in our buildings and neighbourhoods. 

Our app has three sections: administration, social and services. It allows all key information to be managed in one place, provides a simple and direct way to contact the facility management team and sends notifications about upcoming maintenance work and events. 

State-of-the-art social media features are also integrated, including a chat function and home feed with the ability to comment on and like posts. In addition, the app brings more convenience to everyday working life by connecting users with various service providers thanks to a direct booking tool for everything from e-bikes to conference rooms.

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For example, the neighbourhood app offers a wide range of tailored services to office workers in the approximately 50,000 square-metre Atrium Business Park in Luxembourg. It acts as a virtual meeting place for everyone who works in or is connected with the neighbourhood by digitalising and optimising administrative processes as well as enhancing them with helpful services and information tools. Thanks to the app, the around 30 companies based here receive useful information on restaurants, contact details for the Atrium Business Park’s daycare centre, a booking feature for the concierge service and much more.

Virtual glimpses of buildings and spaces

Our work is all about close communication as well as direct – analogue – contact with our tenants. We hold face-to-face meetings with our local property and facility managers to develop ideas and concepts together and implement the best solution. 

However, the opportunities offered by the virtual world are equally indispensable nowadays: the trend towards virtual 360-degree tours has established itself in recent years and is now a standard part of real estate marketing. The biggest advantage of this technology is that the client can view the property without having to physically enter it. A lot has changed in property marketing within a short space of time: from interior and exterior 3D renderings and 360-degree tours, through to virtual showrooms that allow you to immerse yourself in a future working environment. Before-after 3D models show how a property might look after renovation and with furnishings. This is another excellent tool that not only sparks the imagination, but also visibly demonstrates how an ideal design could turn out. To make this possible, Deka Immobilien has partnered with Drees & Sommer to develop the digital rental space configurator, which allows a property to be configured on modular basis and virtually rendered in 3D, including real-time calculation of tenant fit-out costs.

Letting goes smart:

Our video gives you a glimpse into our virtual office world.