Revitalization and repositioning

Office building "CAR", Via Carducci 3, Milan

The tasks and requirements coming with the revitalization of the office building were challenging: the property was planned by the renowned Milanese architect Gio Ponti – architect of the legendary "Pirelli" building in Milan – and was built in prime location close to the inner-city traffic junction near the train station Cadorna in 1951. The architectural highlight of the single-tenant property is its striking and listed mosaicked façade which was to be refurbished according to the latest energy standards. The property with 10 floors located on the ring road in Via Carducci 3 offers rental space totalling 10,350 m² with 8,600 m² being office space and approximately 1,750 m² being technical and storage space on the basements.
Since its acquisition in 2003, the property has been leased to ENEL, Italy’s largest utility based in Rome. The single-tenant had decided to extend the existing lease and to revitalize the property and left the building for the duration of the construction work – just to return into the renovated building after its successful revitalization in November 2018. The revitalization aimed at both: turning the ageing property with its characteristic ceramic façade into a future-proof, modern building in all technical and constructional matters – and at creating flexible office space concepts. Thus, for example, the building’s new heating and cooling system is based on modern, energy-efficient heat pump technology instead of using fossil fuels.

The measures at a glance:

  • Renovation of the listed ceramic façade according to the latest energy standards with renewal of the windows in compliance with current thermal insulation requirements     
  • New concept for creating innovative, contemporary office space         
  • Modernisation and renewal of HVAC for maximum energy efficiency: heating and cooling with state-of-the-art heat pump technology         
  • Installation and maintenance-friendly raised floor system design         
  • New suspended metal ceilings         
  • Implementation of an energy-efficient LED lighting system         
  • Modification or renewal of the elevators         


Deka Real Estate has successfully exhausted the full potential for inventory revaluation. Deka’s claim to sustainability will give the office building a LEED® platinum certification - the highest of four levels. In addition, a new long-term follow-up rental agreement was signed with the existing tenant ENEL. As for tenant ENEL itself, the number of workplaces could be increased from formerly about 450 to now 600 by improvements in fire protection and building services.