“Akropolis”: Fit for the future thanks to revitalisation

The way to shoppers' hearts is through their stomachs.

One strength of shopping centres that enjoy long-term success is their ability to develop into places for rest and relaxation. This ensures that they remain attractive to customers and valuable for investors. High-quality food and entertainment are becoming increasingly important, as they improve the shopping experience, provide places to relax and serve as meeting points.
The Akropolis shopping centre that opened in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 2007 is an example of a successful modernisation project of this type. To allow the shopping centre to safeguard its excellent city-centre location for the future, Deka Immobilien invested around EUR 10 million in extensively redesigning the approx. 10,000-m² restaurant and entertainment area.

Work completed while the shopping centre was still open for business:

  • Creation of a plaza with natural lighting
  • Modern restoration of historical building sections/façades
  • Emphasis placed on the historical building structure
  • Enhancement of the partially historical space thanks to contemporary interpretations of historical façades
  • Creation of many visual spatial frames of reference (ceiling and wall openings)
  • Connection of interior and exterior areas
  • Multiple access to all areas on level 2
  • High-quality two-storey design of shop fronts


Conversion of the old food service areas to an attractive food court was completed after just 15 months. The opening of the new food court was celebrated with an amazing light and sound show at the end of 2019. 13 trendy new restaurants and cafés provide a wide range of culinary choices. The 1200-m², light-filled plaza is a key attraction and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. The redesign of the food and entertainment area has greatly increased the attractiveness of the shopping centre, which now draws in an increased number of visitors.