Strong partner for more than 50 years.

Expertise is shown by actions.

Our properties have earned solid, regular income for our real estate fund investors for more than 50 years. As a long-term investor and responsible real estate manager, we focus on continually increasing the attractiveness of our properties. We use forward-looking planning, structural maintenance and modernisation, supported by extensive real estate marketing, to continuously improve the quality and value of our properties. Our activities also include comprehensive revitalisation and development projects. In this way, we create optimal conditions for our tenants to successfully perform their business activities, while also investing in the future viability of our fund properties.
As a partner for our tenants, Deka Immobilien’s involvement goes far beyond the active management of our properties. Our expert group of architects and engineers has many years of experience in the area of project management and building planning, and assists our tenants in many areas, ranging from investments in new, modern building services, to the use of innovative smart technologies and renewable energies, all the way to digital building services for tenants.
A number of examples of what we have already implemented for our properties and tenants are presented below.