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We are responsible for leasing and systematic ongoing development of more than 8 million m². Our real estate management focuses on generating stable cash flows and increasing the value of individual properties. Deka Immobilien offers a broadly distributed geographical selection of commercial space for a wide variety of uses and develops custom-tailored concepts to meet company space requirements.

The possibilities for adding value are as varied as our properties.
A sample of the properties in our portfolio is presented below.


Astraturm, Hamburg

One of the tallest in Hamburg, this building also sets international standards.


Silvers, Düsseldorf

A highlight of the Medienhafen district: Silvers is the first portfolio property in Düsseldorf to receive LEED® Platinum certification.


WESTEND SKY, Frankfurt

A prestigious office property with amazing skyline views in a top Westend location.


Schuman 6, Brüssel

An office complex with an eye-catching, modern glass facade in the centre of the European Quarter.


Adam Smith Building, Amsterdam

A futuristic building in an excellent strategic location between the city centre and airport.


Muzentoren, Den Haag

This 17-storey landmark is one of the best-known buildings in the CBD of The Hague.


FBF 14, Mailand

This striking building is in a top location close to Milan’s Cathedral.


Atria, Edinburgh

This office complex is located in the Edinburgh CBD and has received BREEAM “excellent” certification.


IBC, Warschau

The International Business Centre offers more than 37,000 m² of modern office and retail space.


Central Park, Issy-les-Moulineaux

This BREEAM-certified building is located in the south-western outskirts of Paris.


German Industry Park, Yokohama

The German Industry Park has established itself as one of the leading locations for high-tech companies.


MAC567, Milan

The building is in an established office location in the immediate vicinity of the historic city centre and was the first to receive BREEAM certification in Italy.