Integrated asset management

Responsible for the entire real estate life cycle

We view asset management as the ongoing active development of our real estate portfolio. As an experienced real estate specialist, we possess proven expertise and comprehensive management competence for different market and investment cycles and have created sustained added value for our fund investors, tenants and business partners for more than five decades. Our asset managers provide expertise across the entire real estate value chain. Sustainability criteria are a key element in our management process and are taken into account both when a property is acquired and during ongoing portfolio management.
As a high equity investor, we continually take advantage of opportunities to invest in our quality building portfolio. This allows us to react flexibly to continuously changing requirements, such as “working in smart, green offices”. Regular investments in our buildings increases the quality of stay for tenants, while at the same time maintaining the value of our real estate portfolio. Our fund investors in particular benefit from the sustained earnings power of our properties.
Our active portfolio management leads to a constant high occupancy rate, which is only possible due to a high level of tenant satisfaction and continued strong leasing performance. The characteristics that make us and our real estate funds stand out are also reflected in our ratings and the awards we receive.