Private Investors

Tangible Assets with Solid Rates of Return

We combine the financial assurity of around 1.5 million private investors in our open-ended real estate funds.
Even small amounts of assets take a share in a variety of attractive properties, for which we aim at long-term, stable and continuous performance.
In line with the investment strategy, the open-ended real estate funds invest almost exclusively in commercial property. To minimize the risk, the portfolio is broadly diversified in terms of usage type, size categories and regional distribution.

The recommended minimum investment period with DekaBank is five years.
DekaBank open-ended real estate funds are a solid long-term investment and consequently a stabilisor for your portfolio.


Why you should invest in Deka open-ended real estate funds:

  • For more than 50 years, Deka open-ended real estate funds have predominantly achieved positive rates of return with low value fluctuation (previous fluctuation is not an indicator for future fluctuation)
  • Open-ended real estate funds function as a portfolio stabilisor
  • A portion of the profits from open-ended real estate funds is tax-free
  • Savings schemes are also feasible
  • There are various products featuring varing regional focus at your disposal:
    * WestInvest InterSelect
    * Deka-ImmobilienEuropa
    * Deka-ImmobilienGlobal
    * Deka-ImmobilienNordamerika
    * Deka-ImmobilienMetropolen

Overview of our Products

WestInvest InterSelect

Open-ended real estate funds with an investment focus on Germany and other EU countries.

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Open-ended real estate funds with an investment focus on Germany, other European countries and overseas.

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Open-ended real estate funds, invested worldwide.

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With the Deka-ImmobilienNordamerika we offer investors a product with real estate investments on a US dollar basis.

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Worldwide investment universe - focus on dynamic metropolises.

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Significant opportunities

  • The fund’s attractive real estate investments and professional real estate management create the opportunity for investors to receive attractive long-term returns and regular income.
  • The risk of the fund properties is broadly spread across countries, locations, tenants and types of use with the aim of smoothing returns.
  • The fund provides an opportunity to make flexible investments in real estate even with small amounts of capital.
  • Due to a partial exemption for real estate funds, part of the income from these funds is tax-exempt. The partial exemption is 60 per cent for Deka real estate mutual funds or 80 per cent for funds that primarily contain foreign real estate.*

Significant risks

  • The risks that real estate is typically exposed to can lead to a reduction in property values or the regular income received by the fund (e.g. lost rent, occupancy ratio).
  • Liquidity investments and debt-financed real estate are subject to interest rate risk.
  • Investments outside the Eurozone are still subject to a residual risk of foreign currency losses even if strategic hedging is used.
  • Applicable statutory periods and the risk of a suspension of redemptions due to insufficient liquidity could adversely affect the opportunities for redeeming units even though they remain subject to the risk of price changes.

*) The above statements are based on the current legal situation (as at October 2018). The tax treatment of income depends on your personal situation and could also be subject to retroactive changes (e.g. changes in the law or changes in interpretation by the revenue authorities).

Guidelines for Open-Ended Real Estate Funds
For shares in open-ended real estate funds purchased as of 22.07.2013, a minimum investment period of 24 months applies. If you would like to redeem shares, you must provide 12 months notice. Tax allowances for daily stock availability no longer exist for new investments effective the date cited. The long-term nature of the investment form is thus protected. You can obtain detailed information, for example, how to give proper notice for fund redemption, at your own bank.

Legal Guidelines
The sole binding basis for purchasing Deka investment funds or certificates from DekaBank include essential investor information, sales brochures and reports for the respective investment funds or security information for the respective certificates. You can obtain these documents in German at your savings bank, regional bank or from DekaBank, 60625 Frankfurt and on this website from the respective product profile. This information is not a substitute for a consultation.