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We offer custom-tailored real estate concepts from a single source

Deka Immobilien is the specialist for real estate investments in the Deka Group. We launched the first open-ended real estate institutional funds in Germany in 1976, followed by many other successful product solutions. Deka Immobilien offers investors worldwide access to attractive investments in a variety of real estate classes, focusing on office, retail, hotel and logistics properties. We continually carry out maintenance, modernisation and real estate marketing to preserve and increase the value of our properties over the long term.
We provide our services to investors in flexibly structured products, along with excellent market access and outstanding risk management.
In addition to savings banks, our investors also include insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, foundations and religious institutions, among others. We know the investment requirements of the different investor groups and tailor our range of solutions accordingly.
Our products range from traditional open-ended real estate fund solutions for large investor groups, custom-tailored, thematic and regionally focused funds, such as sector funds and club deal solutions, for small, like-minded groups of investors, all the way through to individually tailored funds.

Our products and solutions for institutional investors

Open-ended real estate mutual funds

  • WestInvest ImmoValue is a mutual fund for institutional investors focusing on investments in European office real estate. Its target investments are high quality office properties in established locations.

Individually tailored fund solutions

Individual needs require individually tailored solutions — which we provide in the form of institutional real estate funds and individually tailored funds, based on guidelines determined in consultation with institutional investors according to their individual needs and objectives.
Deka Immobilien helps to optimise custom-tailored investment strategies, and ensures that investment decisions are professionally implemented and continually improved.

Deka institutional fund family.

The Deka institutional fund family includes various funds with regional and sector investment strategies worldwide, such as Domus-Einzelhandel-Deutschland and Domus Megatrends Europa.

  • Domus Megatrends Europa invests in promising and dynamically growing metropolitan areas and regional locations that reflect the megatrends of urbanisation, environmental awareness, new work and sustainability, and in doing so takes advantage of market opportunities for office, retail, logistics and hotel properties.
  • WestInvest TargetSelect family
    The WestInvest TargetSelect fund series consists of one institutional fund for each of the hotel, logistics and retail usage types. It allows investors to make a focused and at the same time diversified real estate investment with an attractive track record over many years.

Deka-Immobilien Fokus series

“Club Deal” gives you the opportunity to join a number of other investors to jointly invest in a single property or property portfolio.

  • Deka-Immobilien Fokus Prag and Deka-Immobilien Fokus Wien are specific examples.
    Deka-Immobilien Fokus Prag consists of twelve separate high quality office buildings in very good locations in Prague. The properties were completed between 2003 and 2008.
    Deka-Immobilien Fokus Wien is an investment in a modern office property with a high-level sustainability certificate (efforts are being made to achieve LEED Platinum certification) and government-related tenants.

Real estate funds of funds

Deka real estate funds of funds invest in real estate funds with different commercial usage types.

  • Deka-Immobilien StrategieInstitutionell
    This fund of funds invests in Deka Group real estate funds. The fund focuses on WestInvest ImmoValue, the WestInvest TargetSelect series and other institutional real estate funds in the Deka Group as target funds.
  • Deka-Immobilien Manager Selektion Europa
    A pan-European core/core+ real estate fund of funds that invests in selected target funds from professional managers. It focuses on office, retail, logistics and hotel properties.
  • Deka Immobilien Fonds Selektion Europa
    The strategy of Deka-Immobilien Fonds Selektion Europa is based on the strategy of the established fund Deka-Immobilien Manager Selektion Europa. For a minimum investment of EUR 200,000, semi-professional investors and institutional investors can now also participate in a fund of funds with best-in-class initiators.

Loan Investment product family

Regulated investment fund products for institutional investors that invest in low-risk commercial real estate loans (Deka Realkredit Klassik), infrastructure loans (Deka Infrastrukturkredit) and individually tailored solutions for transport loans.


Deka Immobilien-Kompass

The roadmap for your real estate strategy

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Deka-Immobilien-Kompass offers institutional investors a comprehensive modular range of services concerning investment in real estate funds. Within the framework of consulting, management and administration modules, we actively support you in developing and implementing your individual real estate strategy, implement investment decisions professionally and manage their development on an ongoing basis.


Solutions for semi-professional Investor

Exclusive product solutions for demanding customers

With Deka-Immobilien StrategieInstitutionell and Deka Immobilien Fonds Selektion Euro, the Deka Group offers semi-professional investors such as foundations, family offices and church institutions two proven product concepts.

 Deka-Immobilien StrategyInstitutional

A real estate fund of funds that invests in Deka Group real estate funds. The target funds are WestInvest ImmoValue, the WestInvest TargetSelect series and other institutional property funds of the Deka Group.

Deka Immobilien Fonds Selection Europe

Bundled competence of Deka and other real estate specialists in an exclusive investment concept. Minimum investment from 200.000 Euro.

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Guidelines for Open-Ended Real Estate Funds
For shares in open-ended real estate funds purchased as of 22.07.2013, a minimum investment period of 24 months applies. If you would like to redeem shares, you must provide 12 months notice. Tax allowances for daily stock availability no longer exist for new investments effective the date cited. The long-term nature of the investment form is thus protected. You can obtain detailed information, for example, how to give proper notice for fund redemption, at your own bank.

Legal Guidelines
The sole binding basis for purchasing Deka investment funds or certificates from DekaBank include essential investor information, sales brochures and reports for the respective investment funds or security information for the respective certificates. You can obtain these documents in German at your savings bank, regional bank or from DekaBank, 60625 Frankfurt and on this website from the respective product profile. This information is not a substitute for a consultation.