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Sustainability is more than a trend. A current study by the IRE|BS establishes that sustainability creates added value for a property.

Sustainability in the real estate sector is an increasingly important issue and there are various statutory and voluntary codes of practice in place that owners, investors and renters are adopting in order to create a more sustainable behaviour pattern.

Against this backdrop, Deka Group is embedding sustainable management and energy reduction practices into our operations in order to help us revitalise existing properties.

More about the IRE|BS Study


Throughout Europe, there are many diverse consumption ratios for buildings governed by a range of legally mandatory energy certificates. Our commitment to sustainability means we always aim for the highest level of certification possible through recognised providers and procedures. These include the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen [(German Sustainable Building Council)] (DGNB), [(GSBC)], Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM*).

Independent certification is an appealing feature for investors and tenants when choosing the right property. For many commercial tenants, certification of a property is also a condition for signing the contract. Furthermore, acquisition of an appropriately certified property helps the rental company to achieve its own sustainability objectives.

Examples of certifications in our open-ended real estate funds

Effective 31.12.2015, we were able to significantly increase our portfolio for certified buildings. Altogether, properties with a value of over 15 billion euros were certified. Based on the total of real estate assets from Deka funds, we have achieved a certification rate of approximately 60%.

Included among the properties from the mutual funds portfolio is the "Skylight" in Frankfurt’s city centre. The property from the WestInvestInterSelect portfolio was awarded the LEED platinum seal. The Skylight is one of the first buildings in Frankfurt in which daylight-controlled LED lighting has been used on a large scale. As a result, the electricity useage has been reduced by approximately 70%. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of 190 tons per year.

The property ELEVEN in Hamburg’s city centre is one of the most successful certifications from our Deka-ImmobilienEuropa mutual funds. The certification required the cooperation of the tenant in providing water efficiencies as well as protection for non-smokers. 75% of the tenants use public transportation which added to the property’s sustainability. ELEVEN was awarded the LEED gold seal of sustainability.
For Helfmann-Park 1 in Eschborn, WestInvestImmoValue funds garnered a solid BREEAM-in-use-certificate with the distinction of “Good”. Upon renewal of the central heating and cooling system in 2013, an annual energy saving of 25% was achieved. During the course of facade renovation, heat leaks were detected and penetrating humidity was eliminated.

The Edge sets sustainable standards

The Edge in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam has been built to take full advantage of the sun and features 1,800 m² of solar panels on the facade and roof. Electric cars are charged with the generated energy and the geothermal system that heats and cools the building is recharged. The building has an innovative energy concept in its interior spaces. Using their smartphones, staff can individually regulate the light and temperature at their work stations. The Edge bears the BREEAM sustainability seal with the distinction of “Outstanding”, obtaining the highest score to date in December 2014 for a sustainable office building anywhere in the world.
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External ratings endorse a sustainable approach

Our sustainability initiatives are also recognised by external sites. In the annual evaluation of all relevant open-ended real estate funds in Germany via the rating agency, Scope (Scope-Rating), on 8 June 2016 we were awarded a very high certification rate based on the continually high sustainability focus of our funds compared to the rest of the industry. This ensures greater value and marketability for our properties.

LEED Platinum: "Skylight", Frankfurt, Germany, WestInvest InterSelect

LEED Gold: "Eleven", Hamburg, Germany, Deka-Immobilien Europa

BREEAM*-in-Use "Good": Helfmann-Park 1, Eschborn, Germany, WestInvest ImmoValue

BREEAM "Outstanding": The Edge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Deka-ImmobilienGlobal

* BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551). The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission.