Ratings and Awards

Deka Immobilien and its funds are regularly awarded by independent analysts.

Scope Awards 2019: Best asset manager in the “Retail Real Estate Europe” category.

Deka Immobilien wins the Scope Alternative Investment Award in the “Retail Real Estate Europe” category for the second time in a row.
The jury gave the following reasons for the award: “As one of the biggest players in European investment markets with a strong local presence at the same time, Deka Immobilien particularly convinced the jury this year with a systematic portfolio realignment that contributed to a reduction in risk at the portfolio level. The two European retail investor funds, Deka-ImmobilienEuropa and WestInvest InterSelect, were able to significantly increase their performance as a result.”
The best asset managers of mutual funds and institutional fund products in the area of alternative investments were honoured with the Scope Alternative Investment Award 2019 on 29 November 2018 at a festive evening event at the Humboldt Carré on Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin in front of invited guests.

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Deka Immobilien also received five top awards in the following categories in 2019:

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Scope Award 2019_Institutional RE Germany_Top_960x.jpg
Scope Award 2019_Institutional RE Operator Run Properties_Top_960x.jpg
Scope Award 2019_Retail RE Global_Top_960x.jpg
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Scope Award 2018

Best asset manager in the “Retail Real Estate Europe” category

Deka Immobilien wins the 2018 Scope Alternative Investment Award in the “Retail Real Estate Europe” category.
The reasons given by the jury were: “The winner in the Retail Real Estate Europe category is a major player in European real estate markets that has steadily expanded its regional presence. Its great expertise in concluding transactions was underscored by a successful restructuring of its ‘Netherlands portfolio’, which improved the occupancy ratio and location quality of the properties in the fund. The portfolio management activities of the winner in this category are complemented by an outstanding real estate research department.”

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As the leading European provider of independent ratings, studies and risk analyses, the Scope Group continues the ten-year tradition of the FERI EuroRating Awards. Awards were received by 13 funds and 13 asset managers chosen from more than 4,000 funds and 250 asset managers in German-speaking Europe. The selection was made based on a uniform list of criteria that included the performance and local expertise of the providers.

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Scope Award 2017

Winner of the category “Global open-ended real estate funds for private investors”

Deka Immobilien was selected as the winner of the category “Global open-ended real estate funds for private investors” for the management of the mutual property fund Deka-ImmobilienGlobal.
The jury stressed Deka Immobilien's high level of competency in international management and recognised the addition of the US dollar-denominated open-ended real estate fund Deka-ImmobilienNordamerika to its global product range.

Seventh time in a row

This is the seventh time in a row that Deka-ImmobilienGlobal has been chosen as the best global open-ended real estate fund for retail investors in its peer group. The jury praised the high occupancy and certification rates and broad geographical diversification of the fund, which has the highest foreign share of its peer group.

The Scope rating agency held its eleventh awards ceremony for outstanding performance in the investment industry in Frankfurt on 1 December 2016. Five companies were nominated in each of 12 categories.

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Overview of our ratings:

Asset Management Rating 2019

Scope_AMR_AA+_1_Asset Managemet Rating.png

Excellent Management Quality

Scope affirms AA + rating score (AMR, very high quality). The company has repeatedly demonstrated impressive real estate expertise and product quality for institutional as well as retail products.

Source: Scope Analysis; Ratings 5 June 2019

Scope rating

Among other things, Scope very positively valued the wide range of products offered, from standard open-ended real estate funds, thematic and regionally-focused funds, to club deal solutions and loan funds. This was particularly the case given the significantly closer focus on the Company’s institutional product range and, among other things, a risk management system that Scope considers outstanding. The rating also takes into account another significant increase in leasing performance, as well as a considerable increase in foreign activities. A record transaction volume of EUR 5.9 billion makes Deka Immobilien one of the most active asset managers and allowed it to take advantage of market opportunities to achieve good progress in its portfolio realignment and dispose of properties that were inconsistent with its strategy or threatened by vacancy.

The consistent strong focus on sustainability and very high proportion of certified portfolio properties compared to the industry was valued by Scope, and the measures ensuring marketability of the properties were rated highly.

Open-ended Real Estate Funds Rating 2019



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