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Facts & Figures

  • Real estate asset manager with around 600 professionals.
  • 483 properties in 26 countries across 5 continents.
  • 8,5 million m2 of office, retail, hotel and logistics space.
  • Around EUR 29.9 billion in real estate assets under management.
  • Transaction volume of around EUR 4.3 billion in 2016.
  • Real estate lending: EUR 3.8 billion in new business arranged in 2016.

As of December 31, 2016

Real Estate business division

Deka Group’s global real estate expertise lies within the Real Estate business division. Our range of services encompasses investment vehicles for private and institutional clients as well as loan funds and financing for commercial properties. Combined activities in the fund and financing business ensure we are strong and multifaceted, giving us a significant competitive advantage in the market.


General overview of the organisational structure