Business Divisons

Expertise and a global network.

The Deka Group's real estate fund business is pooled in its Real Estate Asset Management (AMI) division.
The commercial real estate financing business, which along with the real estate and (real estate) financing-related fund business was still in the Real Estate division in 2016, has moved to the (Bank) Financing division. Due to its broad market and investor access, the real estate financing business will continue to strengthen the activities of the Asset Management division in the future, while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.

Fund Management

The two capital management companies, Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH and WestInvest Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH, focus on active portfolio and fund management.

We offer investors access to investments in office, retail, logistics and hotel properties worldwide. In addition, the Luxembourg S.A. and Deka Investors InvAG provide further reliable platforms for new product development.

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Asset Management

Deka Immobilien GmbH is responsible for real estate acquisition, sales, leasing, property management and all other services related to property investment funds, covering all of the funds offered. Active asset management is used to implement the investment strategies of all the real estate funds in selected growth markets.

Risk, Finance and Organisation.

The Risk, Finance and Organisation unit is responsible for risk management and risk controlling at the investment fund and company level and for further development and maintenance of associated processes and systems, while ensuring organisational separation of risk management and portfolio management. The unit also assists and monitors compliance with standards for good and responsible corporate governance. Within Deka Immobilien GmbH, the unit is also responsible for the tax and finance aspects of funds and all fund accounting for the investment funds.

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Real Estate Lending

The Real Estate Lending unit is responsible for commercial real estate lending, which is available exclusively to major real estate investors in selected markets and categories of real estate.
As real estate specialists with long-standing experience, the Real Estate Lending unit provides loans for existing commercial properties in select markets worldwide.


At the level of a major international real estate investor.

We have been investing in real estate all over the world for 50 years and offer a wealth of funding experience which means we are able to make quick and reliable decisions – not only for standard funding but also for complex structures. We combine extensive knowledge of every aspect of international real estate with sound understanding of local markets plus proven financing expertise.
An excellent network of external specialists support our dedicated and highly qualified team – from property valuation to document preparation. Modern systems and models for risk assessment, expanded through individual safety analysis, form the foundation for arranging and structuring our real estate financing. Concentrating on collateralised mortgages, Deka Group enjoys an outstanding reputation as specialists for financing open-ended property funds.
As with our funds, we focus exclusively on office, retail, hotel and logistics properties, for loans of EUR 20 million or more. For large-volume transactions, we collaborate with established bank partners. Whether floating or fixed, short or long-term loans, our financing options are custom-made and individually designed according to the needs and objectives of our clients’ needs.

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