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Deka Immobilien was selected as the winner of the category “Global open-ended real estate funds for private investors” for the management of the mutual property fund Deka-ImmobilienGlobal

The jury stressed Deka Immobilien's high level of competency in international management and recognised the addition of the US dollar-denominated open-ended real estate fund Deka-ImmobilienNordamerika to its global product range.

This is the seventh time in a row that Deka-ImmobilienGlobal has been chosen as the best global open-ended real estate fund for retail investors in its peer group. The jury praised the high occupancy and certification rates and broad geographical diversification of the fund, which has the highest foreign share of its peer group.
The Scope rating agency held its eleventh awards ceremony for outstanding performance in the investment industry in Frankfurt on 1 December 2016. Five companies were nominated in each of 12 categories.

More Information www.scope-awards.de

Scope Ratings was founded in 2002 as an independent rating agency with headquarters in Berlin. The agency evaluates financial institutions, corporations and structured financial products as well as alternative investment funds. Its objective is to promote more transparency and diversity of opinions on the European capital markets.

Overview of our ratings:

Asset Management Rating 2016


Excellent Management Quality

"The company has repeatedly demonstrated impressive real estate expertise and product quality for institutional as well as retail products. This is reflected in very favourable sales performance. The excellent real estate risk management and transparency of the company far exceed the average.” Source: DekaBank; Scope Ratings June 2016

Open-Ended Property Funds Rating 2016


Included the following products:

  • WestInvest ImmoValue
    Publikumsfonds - Large Portfolios
  • WestInvest TargetSelect Hotel
    Spezialfonds - Small Portfolios
  • WestInvest TargetSelect Logistics
    Spezialfonds - Small Portfolios
  • WestInvest TargetSelect Shopping
    Spezialfonds - Small Portfolios



  • Deka-Immobilien Europa
    Publikumsfonds - Large Portfolios
  • Deka-Immobilien Global
    Publikumsfonds - Large Portfolios



  • WestInvest InterSelect 
    Publikumsfonds - Large Portfolios