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On 24 November 2015, the FERI EuroRating Services AG recognised Deka Immobilien Investment with a FERI EuroRating Award for the ninth time. Deka Immobilien Investment was awarded the Best Asset Manager in the category “Real Estate”. Awards were issued for a total of 13 fund categories and 15 asset management categories.
Analysts from FERI highlighted, among other things, our global presence, constantly high transaction volumes and our stringent real estate management processes in the Deka Group’s Real Estate Business division.
During the nomination process, FERI analysed around 3,000 funds and 200 asset managers in Germany. FERI conducted a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of companies in order to select the award winner for the real estate sector.
FERI EuroRating Services AG is one of the leading European houses for research, selection and rating. The research topic involves the analysis of investment markets and products. For over 25 years, FERI EuroRating has been a competent partner for banks, insurances, asset managers, industrial corporations and pension funds on the strength of these services.

More information: www.feri-fund-awards.de

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