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Deka – Answers about the application process

Deka is only accepting online applications. For legal data protection reasons, we cannot accept applications or additional documents from you by post (paper) or email. In addition, every job posting includes an application button you can use to enter your personal data and easily upload all documents. The precise application procedure for high school students is provided under “Deka – Answers for high school students”.
When submitting your online application, please upload your cover letter, resume and all letters of reference relevant for the position in digital PDF form. If you are still studying or just graduated from a university or university of applied sciences, please include your university certificates and Abitur certificate (university entrance qualification certificate) (if you are still studying, your current grade transcripts and enrolment certificate). The precise application procedure for high school students is provided under “Deka – Answers for high school students”.
Please ensure that your PDF file attachments are a maximum of 2 MB in size. Tip: Compress PDF files that are bigger. The precise application procedure for high school students is provided under “Deka – Answers for high school students”.

All the job advertisements on our career page are up to date. We regularly search for new talent for some positions. These positions are therefore online for a longer period of time.

Note: This does not apply to Deka job advertisements on job platforms. For such cases, please check our website to see whether the position is still available before you apply.
We send an automated email within 48 hours after you submit your online application to us. It confirms that we have received your application. Please also check your spam folder to make sure it has not landed there.

Depending on the functional area, it could take several weeks before we personally reply. We need this time to ensure that all of the responsible parties can view your documents. We are aware that you are waiting for an answer and reply as soon as possible.
  • Applicant interviews – Interviews with the functional area and human resources representatives check how well mutual impressions and expectations match.
  • Trainee Assessment Centre – You first have a telephone interview with the functional area. This is followed by an online test to check your cognitive abilities. The next step is to prepare a presentation on a specified topic. You make your presentation (around 20 minutes) and we then interview you for around another 45 minutes.
  • Sales Assessment Centre – You first have a telephone interview with the functional area. After being invited to the Sales AC, you prepare a presentation on a specified topic. After your presentation, we hold an active discussion with you, the functional area and an external diagnostician to determine your suitability with respect to the required areas of sales expertise. The AC takes around 3.5 hours.
  • Management Forum – This is the tool we use to fill management positions. To be assigned to a management position in the Deka Group, you must pass a selection procedure specifically designed for the management level concerned. A variety of exercises are used so that internal observers and an external management diagnostician can assess your suitability with respect to the required areas of expertise.You receive extensive feedback at the end of the procedure and, if you are hired, a report on the results, with detailed recommendations for development.
Naturally. If we invite you to meet with us in person, we will attach directions and a reimbursement form for your travel expenses to the digital invitation. Simply submit the form after your meeting with us.
Deka does not accept speculative applications.. Tip: We publish new job advertisements every day. We therefore recommend that you check our list of jobs regularly – the ideal position for you might soon be there.
The contacts below can answer questions about specific job advertisements. Depending on your area of interest, please contact:

Susanna Conrad and Stina Borkott (
Young professionals/experienced professionals

Jennifer Eulberg, Martina Gavran and Sinnet Dahinten (
High school students – Training/Dual Study

Larissa Karl (
Students – Internships/Working Students

Deka – Answers for high school students

Deka offers two training programmes:
  • Commercial training in office management
  • IT specialist training for application development
For dual study, we offer cooperations with two universities:
  • Dual study in cooperation with DHBW Mannheim for a B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science
  • Integrated practical studies in cooperation with the Frankfurt UAS for a B.Sc. in Computer Science
Please contact Jennifer Eulberg, Martina Gavran and Sinnet Dahinten if you have questions about training or dual study programmes at Deka (
First complete the online form to provide a brief overview of you and your school education. If we are interested, we will contact you to request all of your application documents. These include cover letters, resumes, latest letters of reference and relevant certificates.

We then invite you to an initial interview, the telephone interview. This lasts around 30 minutes, during which we talk and learn more about each other. Think of the telephone call as a short job interview – except you can sit comfortably at home on your couch. We would be happy to answer your questions about Deka and your training with us.

If you pass the telephone interview, the second and final round takes place, the applicant day. We invite you meet with us in person. When you arrive, expect a test or presentation and an in-depth job interview. This gives us plenty of time to get to know each other, so that you later have all the information you need to decide in favour of us.

As a special feature, our trainees and students accompany you during your applicant day. They look forward to being peppered with your questions.
We publish the job advertisements for training and dual study programmes at Deka around a year before they start. You can apply as soon as the advertisements are online. You should therefore check our job centre once in a while.

More information on training and dual study program at Deka is available here.

Deka – Answers for students and graduates

Yes: We regularly hold events at universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany.
Please only apply for Deka internships online in our job centre. Our online application centre leads you through the process step by step.

Note: If you find more than one position attractive, apply for them all.

More information on internship at Deka is available here.
Our internships last between three to six months. You collect a great deal of practical experience, network with smart people and push your resume during this time. Good to know: An internship is often the start of your career with us. We also provide free lunch and discount JobTicket transport cards for interns.

Read more about starting a career at Deka.
Apply for an open internship position as soon as you discover it in our online job centre. We generally specify the planned starting date of the internship in the job advertisement. We are happy, however, to make adjustments for you – so that you can experience your university life, semester holidays and internship perfectly with us under one roof. Indicate in your cover letter when you would like to start your internship.
No: You can also do an internship with us if you have just graduated from a university or university of applied sciences. Requirement: You ended your studies (bachelor's or master's) no more than a half a year ago.
Yes, you are welcome to do an internship with us between the completion of your bachelor's degree and start of a new master's degree programme.

More information on internship at Deka is available here.
We pay you during your internship with us. Your salary depends on which internship you are doing and how long you have been doing it with us (mandatory or voluntary internship).
We think it would be wonderful if you wrote your thesis with us. Requirement: You have done an internship or worked as a student employee at Deka. Count on us: We support you during your thesis in a practice-oriented manner and with our concentrated expert knowledge, from the preparation to the writing phase, to help you successfully conclude your academic education.
We offer exciting entry-level opportunities for university graduates to begin their careers with us – as trainees or direct hires.
More information on starting a career at Deka is available here.
Our trainee programme prepares you, as a university graduate, perfectly for a career at Deka. As a special feature, we prepare every programme individually and match it to your abilities, strengths and potential.
Read more about our trainee program here.