A great deal of freedom and excellent prospects after leaving school.

A training programme at Deka means experiencing the full diversity of the world of finance: A wide variety of areas, professional teams, interesting people and how they go about their jobs, innovative products, and all this in the middle of one of the world’s most important financial metropolises.

The Deka Group is the securities service provider for Sparkasse banks and thus firmly anchored in the world’s largest financial alliance. It is also one of the largest investment services providers in Germany. You can use our market position, coupled with diversity and innovation, to your advantage: Whether you choose a training programme or a dual study programme – from the very beginning, you can help decide which areas of our business you want to get to know and when. The assignments you organise yourself will enable you to start your own career at Deka. You are fully integrated from day one and an important part of our team. Your trainers are always there for you. Take advantage of the enormous freedom, the space for your creativity and find out together with us where your strengths lie.

We know that the first phase of your career is particularly crucial, and we provide you with comprehensive support. Now and in the future!

Our training programm.

Exciting, individual, promising.

IT specialist. Are you passionate about IT? Then our IT specialist training programme is just the right challenge for you. Current topics like digitalisation and exciting new technologies are waiting for you. After passing your final exams, you can start your future in IT at the Deka Group.

A powerful duo: Dual study programmes

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science. Is normal university study too dry and boring for you? With the dual study programme at Deka, you can combine exciting theory with a lot of hands-on experience. For the theoretical part, you have the choice between two universities:
DHBW in Mannheim for an Applied Computer Science B.Sc. You complete your Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.) with a focus on “Business Information Management” at the renowned Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mannheim. Theory and practical phases alternate every three months.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Practice-integrated Computer Science B.Sc. You complete the theoretical phases of your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (B.Sc.) at the renowned Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (UAS).
During your practical phase, when you don’t have lectures, you can learn a lot as you get started in Deka’s IT department.

Variety and effective learning.


Good reasons for a training programme or a dual study programme at Deka.

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You get off to an excellent start.

With our intensive introductory phase, we make it easy for you to start your career. Your trainers will always be there for you, even later.

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You have opportunities for development.

Our seminars for junior staff support you in your professional and personal development.

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You can be creative and innovative.

At Deka, you can show what you are made of, right from the start. Impress us in sponsored trainee and student projects with your initiative and sense of responsibility.

This is something you can build on.

We will pay you based on the current collective wage agreement for the financial industry plus a bonus of EUR 50 per month. Trainee compensation based on the collective wage agreement:

1st year:  EUR 1,036
2nd year: EUR 1,098
3rd year:  EUR 1,160

In addition, you will receive a 13th month of pay and EUR 40 per month to start building up your own capital. You benefit from the company pension scheme and are entitled to 30 vacation days per year. Our trainees and students also receive free lunches in the company’s canteens.

But you can expect a little more from us: Our intensive introductory phase will make your path into working life easier. And even later on, your trainers will be there to help you with advice and support. Our seminar modules for junior staff support you in your
professional and personal development. And the targeted preparation for exams will keep you free of exam stress.

Here’s how you apply.

Use all of the fields to introduce yourself in detail:

  • Why are you applying with us?
  • Why are you applying for the training career or studies in particular?
  • What qualifications do you bring to your training or studies?
  • What qualifications do you bring to your training or studies?
  • What additional information do you think is important? For example, when do you finish school and when would you like to begin training?

Tip: Consider formatting your cover letter!
After you have decided in our favour, please submit your remaining application documents, incl. a resume in table form, your latest school reports and relevant certificates.
We then invite you to take part in a telephone interview. We would like to learn more about you during the approximately 30-minute telephone call. It is like a short job interview that you can sit through comfortably at home on your couch. We would also be happy to answer all of your questions about Deka and your training.
If you pass the telephone interview, the final round takes place, the applicant day. This is the day we invite you to meet with us, as we naturally also want to get to know you in person. You can expect an in-depth job interview, a test or presentation and getting to know our trainees and students, who you are free to pepper with questions.

Your contact at Deka

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