There are many paths to take at Deka. You can choose the entry point that suits you.

After completing an apprenticeship or university, you set the course for your professional life: What inspires me? Who is the right employer for what I want to do? At Deka, we have good answers to these questions.

Either: We offer direct entry into the many areas in which Deka is active, and we ensure solid, systematic onboarding.

Or: You will gain a deeper insight into Deka’s forward-looking areas of activity in a functional department-specific trainee program.

A career start with a great future.

At Deka, you find more than your first job, you find your professional future. We are your first employer and would be happy to be your partner for career planning, based on your individual wishes, dreams and ideas. As the securities house in the German Savings Bank Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe), we offer you a great deal of security, excellent personal and professional development opportunities and interesting prospects – not only in the financial sector, but also in IT, organisation and other areas!

We  have been shaping the future of the financial world, with a great deal of freedom and innovation. For more than 100 years. Join our team for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!
  • Up to 18
    different units to get to know each other during your trainee period
  • 16 events a year
    for trainees make networking easy
  • 30
    days holiday for every trainee, right from the start

Interdisciplinary, networked, unique!

Your entry via a trainee program.

If you would like to get an overview of Deka and experience the company in its entirety, then our trainee programme is the right choice for you. It prepares you specifically for a career at Deka. At the same time, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of our company, the different departments and the interdisciplinary interfaces between areas of responsibility within the company. If you want to get to know Deka properly, this is the perfect way to get started.

What makes the programme extraordinary is that we tailor it individually to you, your plans and your strengths. This makes every trainee programme at Deka unique. You also have the unique opportunity to build a strong network across our entire company. 

To take part in a trainee programme with us, you will need:

  • A successfully completed degree
  • A high level of personal initiative
  • A strong desire for constant development

This is how it works. Overview of the trainee programme:

  • Targeted training for your future job. Your mentors will specifically familiarise you with the job you will be working in after your time as a trainee, e.g. preparing customer workshops or controlling the investment limits of our funds.
  • Exciting seminars during your traineeship. You will learn, among other things, how to successfully manage projects, how to be convincing in presentations and you will train your communication skills.
  • Trainee get-togethers are fun, and you can exchange ideas with the other trainees at Deka.
  • Come on out! Leisure events, e.g. an active, sports-filled weekend with your new colleagues.
Benedikt Arendt, former trainee, today project manager

During my trainee program, I became familiar with a variety of tasks and gained a comprehensive insight into Deka. This was the right start for me, because now I can work independently, take on responsibility and, together with the colleagues on my team, addeven more value.

Direct entry. Completely integrated right from the start.

Want to get started right away? No problem! Our goal is for you to be fully integrated from day one, both into your team and into Deka, and to get you into your area of responsibility quickly and effortlessly. We take an individualised approach with you. This gives you a sense of security and gives you the opportunity to work independently and innovatively right from the start. Because we love creative ideas!

Good reasons for joining us.

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You will be welcomed from day one.

We do everything we can to ensure that you are a full member of the Deka team from your first day at work: Onboarding, entry programmes and mentors help you to be right at the heart of it all and feel at home.

visual: Management & Kultur

You can start planning your long-term career right away.

We are not only your first employer, but also a partner for your professional future. We offer you individual career development, advanced training programmes and excellent future prospects.

visual: Management & Kultur

We give you the freedom to innovate.

And develop your own ideas. We encourage innovative thinking and independent work. The international financial markets are waiting for you.

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