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Changes to the invoicing process!

As of 25 September 2017, DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale is making the switch to electronic invoices.
In the future, all invoices will be processed by our partner OpusCapita Software GmbH.
The benefits for you as a supplier are as follows:

  • time and cost savings when generating digital invoices
  • transparency during invoicing
  • quicker processing and delivery of invoices
  • legal and VAT compliance when delivering electronic invoices

For the invoice delivery process, our partner OpusCapita will make the following delivery options available to you through its Business Network:

  • Electronic invoicing (eInvoice) (not before October 2017)
  • E-mail invoicing in PDF format
  • Invoice submission using the “OpusCapita Business Network” (not before October 2017)

To do this, you must register your company once using the OpusCapita Business Network’s Onboarding Service. In case you received a letter from DekaBank, please use the individual link provided in this letter for registration. If you did not receive a letter, simply follow the link below to start the onboarding process via “Registration”.
If you have any questions, please contact our partner OpusCapita Software GmbH on +49 (0) 231-3967-350.
There are no connection or transaction costs charged for invoice delivery.
Please note that for us to process your invoice efficiently, you must include our order number or a Deka contact with their e-mail address in your invoices. Only then can we guarantee that we will process your invoice promptly and accurately. Invoices without an order number or the name of a Deka contact will be rejected in the future.
We would also like to point out that your invoice(s) should be sent only once and using only one delivery method. Duplicate invoices cause unnecessary payment and processing delays!
If you want to send invoices via e-mail in PDF format, please now use the relevant company’s official e-mail address:

E-mail address
Deka Investment GmbH
Deka Immobilien Invest. GmbH
WestInvest GmbH
bevestor GmbH
Deka Immobilien GmbH

You will find the requirements to process the invoices by email after registering with the OpusCapita Business Network. 

The process described above does not concern invoices that have DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Luxembourg S.A. as the invoice recipient.